A Million Hands and the 6-25 Programme

A Million Hands is rooted in the 6-25 Programme. It is explicitly designed to help you, as an adult leader, to provide what is already in the Programme. Not bolt-ons, not additions, but activities that contribute to badges and awards already established.

  • The Projects

    The Projects

    What does a high quality Community Impact project look like?

  • The Badge

    The Badge

    How does A Million Hands help achieve the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge?

  • The Awards

    The Awards

    What other awards can A Million Hands contribute to?

  • Your Programme

    Your Programme

    How can A Million Hands become part of your yearly programme?

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What is a Community Impact Project?

A Community Impact project is where young people take practical action in the service of others in order to create positive social change. It will be of benefit to the wider community as well as substantially developing themselves as individuals.


There are four things to aim for when creating a high quality project:

1. It is relevant to the community you’re trying to help.

2. It genuinely changes the lives of others.

3. It substantially develops the young people taking part.

4. It is embedded and progressive within your yearly programme.


What is the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge?

The Community Impact Staged Activity Badge requirements reflect the five steps you will support your young people to take through A Million Hands.

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    1. Identify need

    Find out what issues and challenges exist in a community of your choice. You can help your local community, a community somewhere in the UK or a community in another country.

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    2. Plan action

    Decide what issue your section should take action on. What do you want to change? What actions you would like to take? Talk to your section about it.

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    3. Take action

    Take action for at least four hours over three months (stage 1) , twelve hours over six months (stage 2), twenty four hours over nine months (stage 3) or forty-eight hours over twelve months (stage 4).

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    4. Learn and do more

    Talk about what you learned with your section, how you have made people’s lives better and what you could do to help more people in your chosen community.

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    5. Tell the world!

    Help other people to understand why your chosen issue is important. Explain how you have made a positive impact and how they can help.

What other awards does A Million Hands support?

A Million Hands also supports a number of our top awards.