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We want to mobilise half a million Scouts in support of four social issues chosen by our young people. From dementia to those disabled by society, from improving the mental wellbeing and resilience of our communities to ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to clean water and sanitation…These are big issues of our time, but our young people want to tackle them head on.

Our aim is to build real and lasting relationships in communities that will enable young people to continue taking social action long into the future. We are marrying our Movement of over half a million people, reaching into every community across the UK, with the knowledge and expertise of organisations committed to social change.

By providing you with high quality Resource Packs, access to local support and activities completely aligned with existing badges and awards within the 6-25 Programme, we want to help our young people keep their promise to help other people.

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The Community Impact Group of volunteers govern our work in this area. They want to change the lives of young people and communities by increasing the frequency and quality of actions young people take in the service of others, creating positive social change that benefits a community as well as the young people themselves.  


Jack is Chair of the Community Impact Group. He has been in Scouting since joining Beavers at the age of 6, been through all sections of the movement and is currently a Network member as well as having volunteered as a leader for four years. Beyond Scouting Jack is an an #iWill ambassador with Step Up To Serve; promoting Youth Social Action across the UK, an Ambassador for Bloodwise; the UK's leading Blood Cancer charity and Huffington Post Blogger. Alongside his charity work he is studying for a degree in Geography at the University of Reading. Jack is keen to change the negative external perceptions of Scouting and work to ensure all members can get involved in fun, practical and meaningful social action.

Jack Abrey


Callum has been in Scouts ever since he joined Beavers at the age of 6. He has considerable international experience, both in terms of international camps and as a result of completing his Explorer Belt and more formal gatherings (including WOSMs European Agora in Strasbourg in 2014). He was also part of the International Service Team supporting 30,000 Young People and Adults at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015. Callum is also a Trustee of Scouts Scotland. He is responsible for ensuring that Scouting meets its aims to support adult volunteers and young people across Scotland. He also sits on committees for developing Scotland’s National Activity Centres and awarding grants to local groups.

He has been involved with a variety of local, regional and national bodies working on youth inclusion. He currently works as a Senior Youth Worker within a local authority and is a full time Sociology student.

A Million Hands


Becky is from Oxfordshire and has been involved in Scouting since she was 6 years old. She has been a section leader with Beavers and Cubs, and recently sat on the 'Future Leaders' working group. She currently is a member of her local District Executive committee, as well as helping to run a number of County events in Oxfordshire. She is trained as a young spokesperson and has been involved with the Public Affairs and Campaigns Team for a while, having campaigned to Stop the Rain Tax and attended the Scout Speak Up! events that we have held in previous years. She has also promoted the Movement, presenting Richard Hammond and David Attenborough with honours as part of the Scout Birthday Honours List. Having attended a number of international camps, including two World Scout Jamborees, Becky has enjoyed working with Water Aid to consider how A Million Hands can make a difference both locally and internationally, and is excited to see how the fantastic efforts of Scouts in the UK will hopefully inspire and motivate other Scout Associations to get more involved in improving their local communities.

A Million Hands


Alice has been a young leader at Beavers, Cubs and Scouts over a four year period. Alice is particularly keen on the international aspect of Scouting, having been to the 2011 World Scout Jamboree, Holland and Switzerland. She has experience of chairing the Doncaster National Youth Council and has also worked with the National Youth Bank. As part of this, she met with politicians in the Houses of Parliament to discuss how funding was being spent and what the value was to her community. She also has experience of public speaking through her involvement with the Doncaster Public Speaking and Debating Society.

A Million Hands


Lewis has been involved in Scouting wherever he has lived for the past 13 years. He is currently an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader in Birmingham, the Scouts Lead Delegate to the British Youth Council, and helps out at with his local Scout Group in Essex during the holidays. Outside of Scouting, Lewis is the Community Action Officer at his Student’s Union; which involves supporting student volunteering, building community relationships, and leading on a new student-led mental health campaign. Lewis is keen to change the external perceptions of our movement and work to ensure people from all backgrounds can get involved with Scouting and make a lasting impact in their communities.

A Million Hands


Tom is currently an Explorer Scout and young leader (with Beavers). He has experience of public speaking through his involvement in public speaking competitions and has also engaged with the media locally following an exchange he did to Norway. He also regularly contributes his ideas to local social media pages linked with Scouts.

A Million Hands


Eva is from Birmingham and has been involved in Scouting her whole life, coming from a family of leaders. Currently still in Explorers, she has been a Young Leader in all other sections of Scouting, and is keen to get involved in County work. Outside of Scouting, she is the first female Sergeant in the history of her school’s Cadet Force (RAF Section), has debated for many years (including addressing audiences of up to 1000 people), and is an avid traveller, recently summiting a 6000m peak in the Indian Himalayas during a 2 week long trek, as well as visiting the Kandersteg International Scout Centre with her ESU. Her highlight so far has been hearing the overwhelmingly positive response from the wider Scouting community about A Million Hands, especially from a packed-out room at Gilwell Reunion last September.

A Million Hands


Rachel, from Warrington has been involved in Scouting since she was nine and a half and has recently been selected to represent the UK at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. She has public speaking experience (at a local law competition, where she delivered the closing speech, in assemblies at school), enjoys politics and has previously communicated on the internet and in the media (where she addressed representatives of The Guardian and Zürich Insurance at the headquarters of the Guardian in London). 

A Million Hands


Astrud, from Carlisle, has only recently began to be involved in Scouting but has a longer history of volunteering and community impact, especially through Guiding. She is an ambassador for the charities Step Up To Serve and United Learning, campaigning to encourage young people to be involved in social action. She also has speaking experience through being the Chair of her School Council and as Co-Head Girl of her sixth form. She has also attended Scouts Speak Up! in Manchester and helped to increase awareness of Scouting in her local rural community.

A Million Hands


Huw has been a Scout since the age of 7, initially in Cyrus, before he moved back to Wales He has public speaking experience ( he has represented his school in Rotary public speaking competitions and recently captained the team which competed in the national finals). He helps to run the BBC Young Reports club in his school, through which he has spoken to Rowan Williams (the former Archbishop of Canterbury) and also the senate in Cardiff.

A Million Hands


Robert has been involved in the Movement for over ten years, and has held adult appointments for the last four. He is involved in local Scouting in Essex and Cambridgeshire, and is a leader in the Cub Section. He has also been a member of the Executive Committee of Chelmsford and District Scout Council since 2012.

Outside Scouting he is an elected Trustee of the British Youth Council, a charity which serves as the UK’s national youth council and which seeks to empower young people to participate in decision making at all levels. He is also currently serving as the Education Officer of Cambridge University Students’ Union.

A Million Hands


Karen has 15 years of experience working with families, local council and service led projects to make a positive difference to people through social action.  Trained facilitator for Change UK specialising in programmes that give local people a voice into local decision making, and working with decision makers to ensure they are open to being influenced by local people, communities and organisations leading to a plan for social action and organisational development.

Previous role as VCS Development Manager collated the voice if the wider sector and provided representation at local and DEFRA.   Her work on the Children’s Trust Board resulted in a reduction in youth isolation in rural areas leading to increased engagement in training, education and employment.  Karen has a detailed knowledge of Scouting and its structure having served as County Commissioner. She is currently Director of the Round Table Children’s Wish charity.

A Million Hands


Eddie brings over 25 years of Scouting experience to the group drawing upon knowledge and skills built through a variety of volunteer roles in Carlisle and across the North West of England.  Locally he is the leader of Ayers Explorer Scout Unit that he formed in 1992, the manager of the local Scout Campsite, Deputy District Commissioner and a pro-active member of the local executive committee which he has served for over 20 years. He likes to ‘Make things happen’ and supporting young people to have a voice in their local, national and international communities.  The British Youth Council has presented his District with a Youth On Board award to recognise high levels of youth involvement. He has also supported a project to empower Scouts in Tunisia. Through the role of County Media Development Manager and County Leader of Ambassador and Luminary Relationships Eddie networks with a range of external stakeholders and helps challenge local perceptions.

A Million Hands