Half a million young people committed to removing social barriers, connecting communities and improving lives.


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56 young people from the Explorer Unit (Hertford) Explorers are part of A Million Hands because 97% said improving the lives of others is an important part of Scouting

40 young people from the 1st Holme Valley (Holmfirth) Scouts are part of A Million Hands because 93% said knowing they’ve made a difference was important to them

21 young people from the 1st Furze Platt 3rd Maidenhead Cubs are part of A Million Hands because 97% said improving the lives of others is an important part of Scouting

16 young people from the 77th Leicester (Bradgate) Cubs are part of A Million Hands because 97% said improving the lives of others is an important part of Scouting

16 young people from the 2nd Leek Beavers are part of A Million Hands because 87% said Scouting should help them take social action

  • What is A Million Hands?

    It’s a Community Impact campaign which reflects our ambition by 2018 to mobilise half a million people in support of four social issues chosen by young people.

  • Why should my young people get involved?

    Hundreds of Programme activities, expertise from national charities and 87% of Scouts want to take part in Community Impact projects through Scouting.

  • Don't have the time?

    A Million Hands is rooted in the 6-25 Programme and slots into your Programme nights. We’ll also walk you through the steps of supporting a high impact project.

What issues can my young people tackle?

One movement. Four social issues. A Million Hands. These are the four social issues young people from across the UK selected. Which one will your young people choose? Once they have decided, click below to get all the resources you need.

  • Dementia


    Over 850,000 people in the UK have dementia and millions more are affected in some way. Could your young people make their lives better?

  • Disability


    Over 11 million people in the UK are disabled by society. This affects their education, employment opportunities and even their safety. How can your young people change this?

  • Mental health

    Mental wellbeing

    One in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems every year. Young people could help others to be more resilient. Why not help them to do so?

  • Water and sanitation

    Clean water and sanitation

    650 million people in the world live without safe water. Scouting is a global movement, what’s stopping our young people make global change?

What's next?

Now your young people have picked their issue, use the Resource Packs to work through the five stages of the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge.

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    Identify need

    Helping young people to build empathy for their chosen issue.

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    Plan action

    Thinking through which actions would create real change.

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    Take action

    Rolling up our sleeves and taking practical action in the service of others.

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    Learn and do more

    Reflecting on what young people have learned and encouraging them to do even more.

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    Tell the world!

    Helping young people to celebrate what they’ve achieved and asking others to help.

Want more support?

  • Rooted in the 6-25 Programme

    Rooted in the 6-25 Programme

    Find out how A Million Hands helps you deliver the Programme.

  • The Resource Packs

    The Resource Packs

    Over 400 activities that will help your young people make a positive impact in the community.

  • National PartnersLocal Support

    National partners, local support

    We've partnered with experts in social change to develop activities and support you locally.

  • Green spaces for change

    Green Spaces for Change

    Being outdoors is an essential part of Scouting. How can we use nature to make social change?

Find out how to get your young people involved

I’d like my young people involved

How well is your area doing?

The more of us there are, the more we'll help change peoples lives. Check out how many Groups/Units from your Region/Country are involved in A Million Hands and encourage more to get involved!